A Spiritual Adventure

I have written a personal iBook about a deeply spiritual journey.
One that I truly believe will bring you comfort and happiness.

My true story starts with an inward exploration.
I then travel halfway around the world where I meet wonderful yet very secretive people with truly mystical abilities. People who are able to do amazing things. Healing powers and otherworldly perceptions that they keep hidden from the world.
Their abilities defy any explanation.

My true story will quite simply amaze you.

I’ve entitled my iBook:


Hans Carl Clausen book cover

My Mystical Marvelous Manuscript about Healing and Miracles


“I was totally blown away about all the experiences that Mr. Clausen experienced during and after his trip to the Philippines. I think that his book should have a subtitle because the title he gave it short changes or cheats people out of an “out of this world experience” and does not inspire or motivate people to read his book. His book is soooo good that if you fail to read it, you will have missed out on one of the greatest true stories ever told. I found myself jealous about all that he was blessed to see and was shown here and in the hereafter, even tho at the same time my heart ached and goes out to him for all the deep sadness and heart break he had experienced. What he experienced was truly of the Supernatural and of the unseen realm where some may say we have no business looking into. I would subtitle his book: AN AMAZING TRUE STORY OF THE SUPERNATURAL WORLD!”

“I couldn’t stop reading! It is so inspiring that I am excitedly awaiting book two… I didn’t want it to end! This story came when I really needed it. It has definitely inspired the ‘magic’ back into my life! Thank you for writing this book! I want everyone to read it! For me, it was really sending a message and I strongly feel that it will for all the other readers as well!”

“I was drawn to this book to help me with my own struggle with the grief of losing my husband at a relatively young age. But what I got out of it was more than the comfort and assurance I was seeking. It is an incredibly beautiful love story. Told from the heart of a young man in such a way as if I was sitting across the table from him as he thoughtfully explains his journey. Beginning with his good fortune in finding and marrying the woman of his dreams. With so much love and hope for a bright future, their fairytale takes a cruel twist as they find themselves faced with his young wife fighting for her life with a devastating illness. They literally search to the ends of the earth trying everything. From traditional medicine to holistic diets and treatments. To an amazing psychic healer in the Philippines who in fact changes both of their lives. And extends her life far beyond what American doctors could have done. Then the profound search for truth begins…what really happens when we die. What is the bigger picture, where are our loved ones, and how can we contact them. What about spirit guides, guardian angels. What awaits us beyond this life? This book answers these questions in such a way that it simply rings true. And it leaves you feeling that yes, we do survive our bodies. And of course, love is eternal. Mr. Clausen did the legwork for us. This story is one that I will never forget.”

“This is an incredibly inspirational story that touches you to the very core! I wish that everyone would read it as it opens up so many doors that you could not even imagine were there…and it is ALL true! AMAZING!!!”

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