Healing Cancer

Finding a means for you to heal your cancer naturally!
To become completely cured, and even more vibrant with health.

What inspires an otherwise normal cell inside a human body that has been healthy since childbirth to become aggressive. To start converting otherwise nearby healthy cells to become equally aggressive, until as a unified force they start to devour the human body, bit by bit, until one is dead?

Is it the diet we eat? Is it our environment? Breathing, swallowing, touching, being exposed to something carcinogenic? Is it stress? Is cancer caused by some unwanted bruise to a sensitive gentle part of our body? Is it an unresolved debt from some past life? Is cancer un-stoppable? Un-beatable?

Today’s ‘modern medicine’ utilizes two primary approaches:
radiation and chemotherapy

Often combined with surgery. For some, this bestows a cure. Following a prolonged period of feeling sick, possible hair loss, a diminished appetite. Then, one day, one’s cancer has vanished. Allowing one to return home, while advised to keep an ever watchful eye over one’s health to insure the cancer never returns.

But are there other ways to cause cancer to disappear? Perhaps in a manner that is less troubling to our bodies? Having less debilitating symptoms while one is being treated? Where one is not only healed, but one’s overall health is enhanced so that one is not only cured, but improved?

The following are several ‘alternative’ healing approaches to curing one’s cancer, a few I have personally witnessed and believe in.

_ _ _

“The Venus Fly Trap”


Dr. Helmut Keller, an oncologist, observed a Venus Fly Trap capturing and devouring a bug. It struck him that a carnivorous plant may serve a human host by devouring cancerous cells once injected into the body. This lead to his patenting “Carnivora”. A treatment which strengthens and stimulates the human immune system as well as exerts strong anti-cancer activity by actually causing cancer cells to self-destruct.

I understand that at least two U.S. presidents have used this method to ‘quietly’ treat their own cancer. Both men continued to live essentially cancer-free many additional years after leaving the White House.

There is a singular form of pernicious breast cancer which is particularly injurious, leading to rapid fatal results in only six months. Barely enough time to deal with the shock of what is happening to you. It is a very quick death to women, originating in that part of their body which is meant to nourish and bring life. This method of cancer treatment is one of the rare approaches that seems to actually have a significant influence in quickly stopping and reversing this form of breast cancer.

_ _ _

“Gerson Therapy”

carrot juice

Dr. Max Gerson, suffering from inexorable migraine headaches while working as a young doctor in Germany, finding no cure in any form from ‘modern medicine’, read an ancient text that applauded the benefits of eating healthy.

Desperate, Dr. Gerson experimented on himself, changing his more traditional German diet to a bit more vegetarian fare. The results were positive. His patients noticed his improvement and asked him, their physician, to do for them what he’d done for himself. Working in a hospital he began feeding some, then a few more, very ill patients very healthy food. They began to feel better. But even more significant, they began to be cured of their many diverse debilitating ailments.

Time passed, and Dr. Gerson began offering his healing diet to those who were dying from cancer. To his satisfaction and pleasure as a physician, he observed that by eating extremely healthy foods that are filled with nutrition one can actually reverse what had been even very severe forms of advanced cancer.

Imagine!  Eating healthy can make you healthy.

_ _ _


past lives

Dr. Brian Weiss, while treating a female patient of seemingly insufferable phobias, placed her under hypnosis. Still unable to assuage her fears he suggested for his patient to go back to that moment in time when her phobia first began. To his surprise, she traveled back to a moment in time hundreds of years before she, or he, or even you and I, was born into this lifetime. Recalling a triggering event in her then ‘past life’ Dr. Weiss’ patient’s phobias began to disappear in this one.

Expanding the use of hypnosis as part of his practice in exploring his patient’s past lives Dr. Weiss observed that, in additional to emotional and mental afflictions being alleviated, actual physical cures took place, as well. Including the reversal of cancer.

I have personally hypnotized others, discovering how profound we are inside each one of us as human souls upon this planet. Filled with near infinite untapped power, abilities and perception that could help us truly achieve just about anything positive we might wish for. Including our becoming healed.

What Dr. Weiss learned, by recalling that root moment of what caused the mental crisis that lead to that deep debilitating state within a person, one can become cured, even on a physical level.

_ _ _



There are ‘urban myths and legends’ which describe how a doctor might accidentally read the medical chart of the wrong patient, a patient who was not suffering from cancer, and believe they were reading the chart of their cancer-ridden patient. Convinced their patient’s condition had suddenly, unexpectedly, gone into remission, the doctor would rush in to their patient’s hospital room to tell their patient the good news. The patient would then check them self out of the hospital and go home to resume their normal life. Believing what their doctor had just told them – that they were completely cured – they would be. Living a long life afterward completely cancer-free. All because of plausible mental suggestion.

There are filmed documentaries in which physicians have instructed very young patients to use their vivid imaginations to envision the healthy cells in their bodies taking the form of, for example, ‘Star Wars Jedi’, and have those healthy ‘Jedi’ cells attack and annihilate their bad ‘Darth Vader’ cancer cells. These young children, using only their imaginations, would begin to show signs of remission sufficient to actually reverse their cancer. All due to the power of mental suggestion.

Mediation is, among other things, the ability to focus one’s attention, with the intent to remove mental distractions, achieve a higher more perceptive clarity, heal one’s mind, body and soul, and, for some, to attain the ultimate goal of finding a ‘oneness with God’.

If, while facing illness, one pursues such mental focus by utilizing the tools of meditation in order to assist in one’s healing, what could be the harm?

If, while doing so, one does achieve complete oneness with God, well then, problem solved.

_ _ _



George Ohsawa conceived this oriental based diet all the back in the 1930’s. A way of eating comprised primarily of grains, beans and kelp, and counting each mastication until reaching at least the number ’50’ before swallowing what one has been singularly focused on munching and crunching. Which significantly cuts down on any social conversation or joking at the dinner table. The intent is to constantly cleanse one’s colon with the belief that a bad diet is a major cause of cancer and a high fiber diet will reverse it. To eat as much in-season foods as possible, but not necessarily locally seasonal to where ‘you’ might be living in the world.

George Ohsawa must have been a compelling individual. A single conversation with Mr. Ohsawa inspired the founder of Aubrey Organics to start his entire line of healing products. I, personally, enjoyed when Mr. Ohsawa once stated that eating white rice isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just that you must eat at least five servings of white rice in order to receive the same nutritional value as a single serving of brown. Pragmatic, supportive, and not all that judgmental.

Michio Kushi, assisted by his wife, Aveline, who served as ‘chef’, took over the Macrobiotic Foundation. Under his guidance macrobiotics expanded worldwide to attract possibly millions of followers. I have personally privately met with Michio Kushi inside his Brookline office and found him to be a positive encouraging individual. I’ve also had the pleasure to meet privately with many of macrobiotics’ top counselors, all of whom were instructional, informative, and extremely giving of their time.

Sadly, Michio Kushi’s wife Aveline, as well as their daughter, would pass away as a result of cancer. Later, Michio Kushi would succumb to cancer, as well. An unfortunate ending to a hopeful legacy.

_ _ _



Two doctors walked into a bar. . . .

For Norman Cousins, editor of The Saturday Review and close friend of Allen Funt, creator of ‘Candid Camera’, that might be the start for a real process of healing.

Faced with a painful debilitating disease, but gifted with a naturally positive attitude in life, Mr. Cousins asked his close friend to bring a movie projector and reels of comedic ‘mm’ film into his hospital room. There the two men would share a good laugh together several minutes each day. With the positive result that Norman Cousins began experiencing less and less pain. And ultimately, combined with his eating healthier and doing healthier things in life, Mr. Cousins becoming cured.

Dr. Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams would agree. Founder of ‘The Gesundheit! Institute’, Patch Adams, if the movie about him in which he is portrayed by the legendary Robin Williams is true, would often get into lots of riotous trouble with the Keystone Cops, or rather, the hospital administrators where he was employed, because he very seriously believed that lightness and levity would bring happiness and inspire healing in his patients.

Medical centers where cancer is being treated are recognizing that laughter is a complimentary, all natural healing ‘medicine’. A wonderful gift each of us is born with. One that can lift our spirits. Help us to feel happy and hopeful. And cause all those cancerous sour-pusses to stop being such Debbie Downers.

_ _ _

“Surgeon of the Rusty Knife”


Zé Arigó of Brazil barely dropped out of third grade before working in a local mine. As an adult he began suffering headaches and experiencing trances. Inner visions revealed to him that he was ‘channeling’ a Dr. Fritz. That is when Arigó could suddenly pick up a nearby object, including a rusty old kitchen knife, and begin performing mystical surgeries on people, including the removal of cancerous tumors.

Arigó has since passed on. But Brazil is well known for hosting a number of home grown clairvoyants and psychics. Such as Carlinhos and Jucelino, both of whom can predict the future with great accuracy. Or Luiz Antônio Gasparetto, who remarkably channels several famous deceased artists all at the same time, capturing each of their individual styles with amazing accuracy. Or João de Deus (‘John of God’) who not only continues the tradition of psychically healing ‘incurable’ disease, but also helps those who visit him to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Essentially giving everyone who visits him a wonderful time.

Spiritualism, where spirits from the beyond work through the minds and bodies of the living, has long been an accepted religion in Brazil. Allowed to grow and evolve unconstrained in a tolerant and accepting atmosphere, one can visit the beautiful country of Brazil and not only receive a nice suntan on your most intimate and private body parts, enjoy delicious food and dance to fun music, but also speak with your deceased grandmother while having a tumor mystically removed. That is an amazing vacation package!

_ _ _



There has long been a pretty credible theory that if you just eat one food item for an extended period of time, this will cure cancer.

That singular food item, I’m truly sorry to say, cannot be ‘raspberry filled sugar frosted doughnuts’.  (Yum!)

Dirk Benedict, the actor who played those handsome leading roles in such classic TV hits as ‘The A-Team’, and, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (’Starbuck’ anyone?), was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately he had a very good friend in William Dufty, the husband of actress Gloria Swanson, and author of ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ and ‘Sugar Blues’ – a revelation about just how bad sugar can be. William Dufty chauffeured Benedict to the local hospital, and then right back out the front door once again, urging his actor buddy to consider pursuing an alternative healing approach.

Benedict found his muse in oatmeal. And wrote about his adventures of riding a motorbike while eating only oatmeal over the following year and a half in a very fun read, entitled, “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy”. Benedict lost a lot of weight along the way, but returned home completely cancer free.

Oatmeal is fiber. Oatmeal has antioxidants. It goes down easy. If one food item is to be chosen to pursue a health quest such as this, oatmeal wouldn’t be a bad choice. Then there’s the decision of which motorcycle you wish to own, to ride on your amazing adventure cross country….

_ _ _

“The Grape Cure”

multi color grapes

Vintage? Clarity? Typicity?  To heal cancer, these means for assessing a grape’s quality may not be paramount. But according to Johanna Brandt, a South African physician from the 1920’s, it was decidedly important whether the grapes were seeded, and organic.

When faced with her own stomach cancer, Dr. Brandt developed a diet for healing comprised primarily of grapes, grape juice, and the purest of waters (definitely not ‘tap’, too déclassé!). Using grapes to heal illness was not new during her time, she was just extremely insightful. And willing to be her own patient.

She summarized her success in her very popular, ‘The Grape Cure’. It has true fans who have followed its tutelage with significant success, as well as also incorporating additional research accomplished by others since her original efforts one century ago.

Much like sub-atomic particles were understood to exist by the ancient Greeks before we as an ever evolving human race had the actual means to scientifically confirm such things, Dr. Brandt perceived the healing ability of grapes before science had the means to break down a grape’s composition and truly understand why grapes heal. Grapes, science has learned, are filled with nutrients that can actually ‘kill’ cancer. Nutrients which can stop the spread of cancer. Nutrients which help detoxify.

And, they taste good. If you had to make a choice, wouldn’t you prefer imbibing and manducating something that is both fun and refreshing while revivifying your health?

So let us raise a toast, to a brave and courageous female doctor from yesteryear!
Cheers, and ‘down the hatch’.

_ _ _

It is my hope that these alternative healing suggestions, and others I will be adding in the future, will bring optimistic comfort to those who are suffering, inspiring one’s own individual search for a meaningful, personal and real cure.



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