Finding Myself In Heaven

A few weeks after my wife died, died when she was far too young and had so much life to live for, I found myself not in this water  002

My wife, who was no longer living in this world, had taken me by the hand and had lead me to a very pretty place.

star water  001A place that was too beautiful for words. Truly, too beautiful for this world.

There was a waterfall. Nestled in flowers. And it all seemed to be floating in a sea of stars.

My wife guided me to a place where both of us could rest. And across some distance we could, together once again, share in this view of a shimmering waterfall floating in an ocean of stars. A waterfall that seemed to have no beginning and no end. Just endless flowing waters with stars all water  004

And I realized that my wife had taken me to a place that was very special for her. A place where she found rest, and found respite. Serenity, on the other side, away from the world where she had left me all alone. Left me amongst the living. She was alone now, too, in Heaven, showing me her special place.  After her long and very arduous, her very difficult battle with cancer. A fight that had lasted years, since the very first day of our marriage. There had been days filled with hope, sometimes. But there were also many days when we were battered by bad news. And she would experience worsening health and physical decline.

Her body becoming more and more eaten by a disease that tormented and ultimately destroyed and finally took away her youthful body.

star water  003This evening she was giving to me a gift. To the person, her husband, her lover, and friend, who had stood by her, stayed with her, through every moment. Who was with her until the very end.

She was letting me enjoy this place with her. This absolutely beautiful setting. Her place of respite and rest, in Heaven, with a view of a beautiful shimmering waterfall nestled in the stars.

Soon, too soon, I found myself back in my earthly body. Sitting alone in my bedroom. A room that, since her passing, I’d painted and filled with furnishings that were all the color of white. My holy room. A room where I lived alone.

And I thanked her. I thanked her for the journey we had just taken together.

This, this moment, was the very first moment she and I had been reunited after her passing. I’ve never told anyone about it. Never shared this with anyone.

Until now.

But I do describe many more moments that I have with her, and what I will experience in heaven, in my book. A book that I refer to as my  Spiritual Adventure

I wish to see all of you, in heaven.


Heaven & Earth



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