Where Do We Go When We Go To Sleep

I can accept that our bodies need daily rest. That our minds should let go of each day and slip into another state. A vulnerable place we probably would never tolerate ourselves being in while we are awake.

Sleep  007

I can also understand the generally accepted purpose of dreams. To entertain, to educate, to enlighten, to relieve.

vision 4

My own dreams are particularly brilliant in color, strong in architecture, vast and complex in humanity.

But have you ever wondered what happens ‘while’ you are dreaming?

Sleep  004

Is dreaming all we are doing while we are asleep? Are dreams just a distraction, something to entertain us, while our minds, our alert state, our souls, do something else?

vision 7

Dreams, dreaming, watching mental movies, is rather simple. Aren’t we, our minds, our souls, more complex?

Freud  003

When we sleep, are our bodies just lying there ‘comatose’ while our nightly thoughts are merely engaged in motion picture interpretations of our days?

I used to hypnotize people.


I loved exploring people’s many diverse and richly filled ‘past lives’. As well, what happens after we die, where do we go, what do we do ~ after we have lived one of our complex, challenging, beautiful, immeasurably filled ‘past lives’.

hypnosis 1

One time, however, when someone was ‘under’, I was suddenly inspired to inquire,

“Where did you go when you went to sleep last night?”

“Interesting.” she replied. And then, deep under hypnosis, she told me.

astral 28

And what she told me was completely unexpected. For what I began to learn makes our lives here ‘on earth’ even more questionable as to what our lives really are. What the purpose of living our temporary sometimes seemingly staged existences on this tiny planet in the middle of nowhere really is.

I subsequently followed up on this inquiry with many more questions, each while the person with me was deeply ‘under’. And I learned that every one of us have very different experiences ~ when we go to sleep. Depending on the complexity and depth of our souls. There are those with ‘light’ souls, ‘souls that may not be all that old’, who have rather ‘elementary’ experiences ~ when they are asleep. While their minds are being entertained and distracted by their dreams. However, there are also those with far more vast and complex souls who have spanned millenniums of existences that truly have incredible experiences as their bodies lay resting. Experiences, journeys and encounters wth others, even with their ‘deeper’ selves, I truly was not expecting.

Sleep  003

If you wish to read more I have written about some of this in my book:  Link To Book

We are each of us so much more than we appear. Our lives are so much more complex in experience than we consciously realize.

past life 17

Our potential for understanding has just barely been tapped. Scarcely explored. We, from what I can observe, are not even close to being at the peak of our evolution.

Evolution  004

So, I would humbly advise, be careful in accepting what you hear ‘as truth’ or when you are told ‘what is best for you’, ‘for us’, that is being offered as guidance in our shared society today. We do not truly have the right as of yet to decide that we know how best to live, tell each other what to do, or even to govern others. We are far from becoming all that we can become. Understanding why we are here. Instead still so much nearer to our predecessor’s stage of evolution. Humans barely walking.

This life, the one you and I are living right now, will one day be a past life for each and every one of us. During a much more open future society of tolerance and exploration this life, and many others, will be openly recalled. In our schools, in our homes.


Schools and homes that will look and feel so very much different than what we experienced in our past, or even right now.

This present moment in time that we all share together will one day be remembered as a long ago past experience that took place during a much more innocent, if not more primitive, shared single mini second of our existence.

Sleep and Death  004

The future. When we all become ’so much more’.

Marylin Monroe  004

Until then, I will see you in my dreams!



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