A Baby in Paris and a Chocolate Croissant

It was very early on a quiet Sunday morning in Paris.

I was standing in line at an ATM. No one else in all of Paris seemed to be awake ~ except for a dad with a baby stroller in front of me.

It was a beautiful morning. Sunny, a little chilly. A brand new day. Perfect.

But I was curious about the child. So while the dad was punching numbers into the ATM and withdrawing his money, I peeked over the top of the stroller ~ and there, tucked under a blanket, was the cutest little baby doing the sweetest thing.

He was eating a chocolate croissant.

With a big happy smile, and even a little melted chocolate on its cheek.

And I knew, right there and then, in my next life I want to be born in Paris.
Raised on chocolate croissants.



2 thoughts on “A Baby in Paris and a Chocolate Croissant

    • You have written to a lot of my posts. Thank you very much! As to ‘what happened next’, after I received a few Francs from the same ATM I walked over to a cafe / bakery that had just opened early that morning ~ and treated myself to a soft warm chocolate croissant! Delicious.


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