Not Forgetting Our Past

It always amazes me how those who are very young never consider that maybe there was a life that was lived by others before they themselves popped into this world.

They awaken each day thinking of their dolls, their toys, favorite TV shows, computer games, music stars. But when they see photos and videos, especially black-and-white images, of The Beatles, Elvis, Nazi Germany, the Civil War, it all seems so long ago and so very much out of touch with what they believe is current and important. As if some hazy distant nonexistent period in a long lost long ago time never really meant all that much, and surely has no relevance to their world today.

They listen as their parents share their golden memories of their wedding, when they first met, discussions about what-ever-happened-to that person back in high school. But even those conversations by the adults in the family, to the very young, are just illusions of something that may or may never have existed.

Lives that were fully lived – lost in time. To be forgotten. Full lives. Fulfilling lives. Lives that were filled with love, with sacrifice, caring for others, worries, problems, solutions, good health, poor health. Until that person who lived before is gone. Dead. Never to be remembered by anyone anymore.

And yet, here is the irony. The same young who care so little or feel no connection with a past that existed before they were born did, themselves, once, twice, maybe a thousand times, live as well back during those earlier periods in history.

Where did that young child get that sense of dance that they reveal so young. Ballet steps they were never taught. Their artistic or drawing skills. Their love of words, or fondness for math. No one in the family ever had an interest in math, or knew how to draw.

Where do these otherwise unexplainable childhood talents come from.

I believe there is a greater openness amongst adults these days that maybe we have lived before. That reincarnation exists. That is not of a surprise to me.

history  006

My curiosity is why we do not remember our past lives. Why we maybe even choose to ignore or intentionally to forget them. Those past lives are “our” memories. Our experiences. Lives we have lived – just in another time. A variation on our present physical form. With those we loved, and who loved us back – back then.

Lives lived full. Filled with moments we’ve shared with those we loved. Fought, sacrificed for those we loved. And who loved us in return. All forgotten.

But ~ they don’t need to be.



4 thoughts on “Not Forgetting Our Past

  1. From what I have gathered, there are good reasons most people do not remember their past lives (perhaps even chose before this incarnation not to remember). Those reasons are tied to emotion. Emotions can become powerful when we experience our memories. When we think about our parents, our spouses, our siblings, etc. we tend to have feelings arise. Remembering loved ones from other lives could complicate our current lives even further. For example, if a married woman kept having fond memories of a husband from her past life it could cause her to long for him instead of fully appreciating her current husband. I have seen documentaries of children who didn’t want to recognize their current parents as their own because they so strongly missed their parents from their past lives. Imagine how annoying parental and school authority figures would be for children who have vivid memories of being a well-respected adult. Then there are cases, as you have previously discussed, in which there were very painful experiences in the past life. I have heard of children who can barely sleep because they regularly dream of their deaths from their past lives. That being said, I also see how remembering past life details can be helpful. Perhaps it could help some to recognize and overcome a destructive pattern. Perhaps it could help to explain an otherwise unexplained void one feels. It could make sense of a fear of abandonment that somebody has even though that person has never been abandoned. I also find the less-discussed between lives regressions to be interesting. It brings a double edged sword as well. On one hand, it could be amazing to tap into the feeling of unconditional love surrounding you. On the other hand, it could make you seriously upset to have your consciousness pulled out of that place and back into the daily grind of drama and trying to make ends meet.

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this subject. This clearly is something you care about.

      I’ve likened “past lives” and our not remembering them to waking up in the morning on your twentieth birthday – and not recalling a single moment prior to that day.

      Not knowing why you are in the home where you appear to be living. Not remembering any history with the other people living in your home – not even knowing who they are. Not recalling a single instance when any of the items in your closet or in or on your dresser were acquired. Not knowing why you speak a certain language, are enrolled in a certain school, or are called a certain name. Nothing is wrong with you. You are in essense ready for a ‘fresh start’ in life. You just have no memories of anything that happened before.

      What I have come to comprehend is that all of our past life experiences are “us”. It’s not some moments that happened to a stranger, and to look into them is tantamount to spying or snooping. They are “our” memories. They are memories of what happened to us ‘this morning’, that we are looking back upon from ‘this evening’.

      When I first decided to explore past lives – both internally within myself, and then using hypnosis on others – I discovered that there was a world filled with religious opinion and cultural beliefs about this subject, of which nearly all of it told me, emphatically, not to do it. But then, I reflected, so much of where these same beliefs originate from are of the same human history that did not believe in stars and other planets, germs, dinosaurs, the earth is round, or that dreams can be interpreted. So much of what we humans believe in is us ourselves trying to keep ourselves suppressed. Un-learned. Ignorant. Obedient. Controlled.

      To more directly address some of your immediate concerns, I’ve personally learned that many of the people who are in our present lives, who are close to us or mean something to us, have been with us ‘before’. And that we are continuing our relationships with them. What I’ve learned since my own explorations is that to uncover what our relationships were in the past, in a past life, can help us with our present issues or problems we might be having with that person. ‘Why is that person so sad all the time’, ‘Why do they have such a short temper’, ‘Why do I love them so when I hardly know that person’, ‘Why do we have such stupid misunderstandings – when I care so deeply about them’. These can be answered by remembering those moments that happened ‘long ago’ that may have lead to our present issues. And the roots of these issues can be soothed, spoken about, addressed, healed.

      This can be especially true, and even critical, if that someone close to you is suffering from an illness that is devastating. To let that other person pass away, without knowing your true depth and history with that person, might make their dying less meaningful. Maybe even some day ‘forgettable’. Even more, maybe by remembering you might help this person you care about get to the root of their illness, find some psychosomatic reason why they get sick, and help them to recover ~ help them live a longer life.

      I hope my thoughts and personal explorations help you to understand my reasoning. If you would care to discuss this with me further, it would be my pleasure.

      Sincerely, “Mr Model”.

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    • Someone once wrote: “some people feel “at home” in organized religions, whereas other people feel “at home” with a personalized spiritual belief set. I belong to the latter group. I don’t get into conversations with just anybody about religion and spirituality. It is no secret that the topic can become very heated. Large groups of people yell that you are wrong if you don’t believe what they believe. You can open yourself up for even more ridicule when you have eclectic spiritual beliefs.”

      I respect this person, who has such open and tolerant views. ~ “Mr Model”

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