A Goddess Who Walked This Earth

What are the moments that define one’s life.

That cause us to change our lives. To go off into another direction. Meet with new people. Travel to another land. Build a new life.

What are the reasons why we make these changes?

I used to help a wonderful healer. Assist him as he traveled and healed many nice but also very ill people.

I would set up the area where he worked each day. Drive him and his family from town to town. Find places and homes where he could stay the night. And, as my reward, enjoyed the honor and privilege of watching the magic happen. Seeing people suffering from terrible illnesses becoming completely healed. Healed of their cancer, their diabetes, heart problems, and so much more.

At every setting I would meet nice, warm, caring, interesting people. Many of these people, after being given a second chance in life, would seize this opportunity with their hearts and their souls to now do so much more with their lives.

This was definitely the case with “Kia”.

Kia has been called a Goddess. Not just by me, but by many who have personally known her. But what I also personally know are the personal moments that lead up to her becoming the loving, caring, giving person who so positively helped and changed the lives of so many in so many distant places around the world. The moments that transformed a very nice person into the beautiful woman of heart so many now call “Mama Kia”.

Kia’s life, that which I personally knew ~ was not an easy life. She had many challenges that some might have found overwhelming. Kia guided herself through her life by combining practical wisdom, inner spiritual insight and immutable strength. She had the support of good family and warm caring friends. But she also suffered the challenges those could sometimes bring. Kia’s connection to a higher belief and a deeply intuitive spirituality was strong. Sometimes actual visions would give her the insight to know what to do next, and the fortitude to act. Her inner strength, from my observation, was unparalleled. Even when all alone, with no one to assist or support her, sometimes with others even being obstacles to her, Kia still found it within herself to rise up each day and get done what she believed needed to be done.

I’ve read the lives of several female Catholic saints. Of Rose of Lima from Peru, as well as the “Theresa’s” from different times and locations across Europe. They were each awarded sainthood after their passing – not because their lives were blessed with a golden spoon. Or because their decisions in life obeyed the dictates of their peers, or because they made clear obvious logical choices in life. Instead, the lives they lived were often very brutal. Painful. And misunderstood by those around them, even by their closest loved ones. Yet in retrospect, looking back at their total lives, we can see that each of their lives was ‘perfect’. A perfect gift to God, and to humanity. While the lives of those who lived around them, especially those who stood against them, are for the most part forgotten entirely.

It is my most sincere belief that Kia should receive this consideration. Not because her life was flawless. But because she rose up and worked her way through a life that would have toppled anyone. And became in the end someone who can well carry this esteemed dignified deified mantel. She became someone who I personally consider an unparalleled saint. In heart, body, mind and spirit. And I sincerely believe that all of those who truly knew her, especially the little children she took under her wing, will agree with me.

The following is the Kia I knew….

Kia was sick. She had been suffering from cancer in her chest and lungs. She had been unsuccessfully treated for quite some time at a major specialized hospital in Manhattan. Kia had herself been a nurse, a very good nurse, and was very acquainted with what medicine could offer, and what medicine could not do. Kia was, until the day she walked in and placed herself in the hands of the healer I was traveling with, destined to die.

I would discover soon after that Kia lived fairly close to where I lived. She, and a large extended family, more like a commune of old, resided in a beautiful but very vintage two-story cypress house that overlooked a beach of pure soft white sand and clear blue water and swaying sea oats. Together they operated a home-made clothing business called, “Just Rags”. They would gather fabric remnants and create new original designs that were quite creative. She and her friends ran this business well. The business supported them all. Kia lived and worked in this beach house – until that house burnt down.

I was married at the time to someone from Peru. One can read “my story” – and I hope you will do so – by purchasing my iBook here:  link to my book

Kia’s house, being made entirely of wood, burnt fast. Some of the people living with her needed to quickly jump from the bathtub where they were taking a bath, or from their beds, out second story windows. The reason the house burnt down was because one of Kia’s children, an older son, suffered a debilitating mental condition. Unwatched, innocently playing with fire, the house caught on fire. Kia lost everything.

Hearing what happened to Kia my wife became restless, anxious. She was literally pacing our living room, wringing her hands. She insisted that we immediately drive over to where Kia’s house once stood. There we found a very dazed Kia, the local beach fire department, some curious onlookers, and a burnt rubble where a beautiful old house used to be.

My wife got out of the car, wrapped her arms around Kia, embraced her in a hug, and guided her into the back seat of our car. We drove Kia to our home. There, my wife bathed a very quiet, very shaken Kia. She shared some clean bedclothes, and gently tucked Kia into our king sized bed. Where Kia passed out and slept for hours. I can’t imagine what she must have been feeling at that moment.

This event would become a catharsis for Kia. Losing her home and business, Kia was forced to let go.

My wife and I were good friends with a very nice, warm family who owned a lot of land in Costa Rica. Kia, spending more time in our home, asked them if she could purchase a large beautiful area on the tip of the Osa Peninsula. She removed her 13-year old daughter from public school – to “save her”. Kia could see that her daughter was becoming ‘lost’ due to peer pressure at school. And together the two flew down to Central America to their new home. There, standing in the middle of her newly acquired jungle, wearing only a white bikini and a pair of sneakers, carrying a machete, Kia started clearing her land. Kia was rather buxom in the chest area. The local males from the nearby village would stop what they were doing and sit at the property’s edge just to watch this crazy blond ‘gringa’ in a white bikini swinging her machete. They never offered to help. They just stared.

Kia built a paradise. She gave it the name, “Tierra de Milagros”. By clicking this link one can see the beauty Kia hand-built out of what was once only a jungle. A sanctuary for people to visit. A place for children to play. Where everyone can eat home-grown organic. And babies can be naturally born in the ocean or on the beach, surrounded by water, sky and nature. The actor Woody Harrelson and his wife would give birth to one of their children there, lovingly assisted by Kia.

However, not all of Kia’s personal memories of this place were happy ones. Helping with the birth of her own grandchild, the baby did not survive. True to her own noble positive spirit she decided to dedicate the setting to her grandson, Chandler Sky. And felt even more for the vulnerable needs of the very young.

Remembering with fondness my wife, who had recently passed away while Kia was in Costa Rica, Kia decided to ‘take a break’ and visit Peru for what she believed might be a brief vacation. A spiritual respite. There, while in Cuzco, walking through the plaza at night, Kia observed hungry looking young children sleeping on park benches. Kia brought food for them to eat. She made inquiries. And learned that the many young children she saw sleeping outdoors alone at night had all been abandoned. Let go of by their families. Taking all of this in, Kia understood what she wished to do, and needed to do, next with her life.

Finding an abandoned hacienda close to some mountains underneath a sky where condors flew, Kia decided it was the perfect setting to build “Casa de Milagros” ~ a refuge for young abandoned Peruvian children. By clicking this link one can see a touching video of Kia as she shares her story. Kia opened this sanctuary a little more than a year after my wife died.

As soon as she began to fix up the place, an older building that the Peruvians living in a nearby village had ignored for years, the villagers decided to take it from her. To ‘steal’ it from Kia. A group from the nearby village came one night and threw a dead horse in Kia’s well in order to poison the water. Kia simply removed the carcass and cleaned the well. When that didn’t work an even larger group from the nearby village came en masse one evening to intimidate Kia, to make her leave her property. Kia – all alone – stepped outside her front door and faced them down. Standing on her front porch she stood firm and stared in silence at the local villagers. Little by little they turned and walked away. Kia, believing in her dream to help the vulnerable abandoned children of Peru, would not let anything or anyone stop her.

A few weeks later a teacher at this village school mistook some white powdered rat poison for powdered milk. The Peruvian teacher mixed the poison with water and served it to all of the school children. The children said it tasted sour and didn’t want to drink it. The teacher insisted. And soon, each child in the village began to die. This teacher, realizing her mistake – she had confused the two boxes where both had been stored in a dark closet in the back of the school room, needed someone who had medical knowledge. The only one close by with any nursing skills was Kia.

Kia was sent for. She ran to the school in the nearby village only to see that many of the young children had already died. Kia understood she would be unable to save any of their lives. She could only hug each child ~ until they each passed away, one by one. Until all of the children were dead.

This would become a day that would break Kia’s heart.

Making her last payment on the hacienda that she had rescued and converted into a wonderful home and school where young abandoned children could live safely, learn, and become healthy, Kia gave the money to an attorney from Lima she had hired to make her payments. Only to learn that this attorney had stolen her money.

Kia would make several trips back to the United States to ask for donations to help with her school. She knew some famous people, including sports figures, actors, musicians. During these trips she would commandeer an old school bus, that had been painted to look more like a hippy caravan of yore, and would drive to where I lived, for a visit. It was always wonderful to see her.

She learned that I had begun to hypnotize people, to explore their past lives and more, including reaching the spirits of those who had passed away. Kia was intrigued and asked to be hypnotized. While under I learned many wonderful things, including that Kia and I share the same “spirit guide”, and all that this means. While Kia was under I also had the opportunity to speak once again with my ‘deceased’ wife. Who seemed especially pleased that she could converse ‘from the beyond’ with both Kia and myself at the same time. The three of us had a wonderful little party in my home that evening. We were all quite chatty.

After I brought Kia back from being hypnotized she shared a story with me.

While still living in Costa Rica Kia had become quite ill. Deathly ill. She was taken to a hospital in San Juan. At one point she felt her life was leaving her. The hospital lacked the equipment to quickly notify the staff that she was suffering a medical emergency. Kia felt herself slipping away. While this was happening she observed that she could see “through” walls. She could see through the walls of her room. She could even see down the hospital corridor.

The corridor was busy, filled with staff and patients. While observing all of this, Kia suddenly noticed my wife. My wife was only recently deceased at the time. Kia did not know my wife was dead.

Kia saw my ‘dead’ wife walking along the hospital corridor toward her room. She noticed that my wife had a look of concern, but was also smiling. Kia then saw my wife enter her hospital room. Where she sat on Kia’s bed and held Kia’s hand. Held tight to Kia’s hand – until the hospital staff became aware of her emergency condition and rushed in to re-stimulate her. My ‘deceased’ wife then rose from the bed, smiled at Kia, let go of her hand, and left her hospital room. I, personally, believe that this moment may have given Kia even greater motive to visit Peru a short time later, where she would be inspired to build her sanctuary for abandoned Peruvian children.

When Kia said goodbye to me the next day, that would be the last time I would ever see her. Shortly after her return to Peru, to her beautiful healing sanctuary for children, I would learn that Kia had become quite ill. Then, the unthinkable. Kia had passed away. She had lived an additional twenty years beyond when that healer had removed her cancer. Kia had done so much with her life ever since that now long ago moment. Helped so many others, just by living a few additional years.

Kia’s Peruvian hacienda for children, I know for certain, is still today filled with her heart. But I also believe that it needs assistance to survive. If you find it in your heart to care, I am including a link to their website:  Kia’s Sanctuary  Should you wish to make a donation beautiful children, and Kia’s loving heart in the spirit world, will thank you.

I can never forget Kia. She means so much to me. I have always wondered why.

Kia goddess with goddess

That we share the same spirit guide explains a great deal.

Why my deceased wife cared for her in the manner that she did – well, what I observed was very much like a mother-daughter relationship. It was so reminiscent of how a mother might care for her child. Even though Kia, when they were alive together, was physically older by several years. Was Kia my wife’s child in a past life? I believe so, from a very loving mother daughter incarnation.

A mother’s love, when the love is pure, will be forever enduring. And no death or distance can diminish it or ever limit it.

I sincerely believe the many children who’s lives she touched, and saved, will agree. I know they miss her physically being with them. But her heart still surrounds each one of them. Even today.  Even now.

P 300

“Mama” Kia

Kia  painting



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2 thoughts on “A Goddess Who Walked This Earth

  1. Oh I absolutely loved this!! I too had a special bond with Kia that still remains – I feel her often. Thank you for sharing.

    I was just in Peru last week and was with the children from the Casa, the kids in college, and the ones grown up living life. They may not have parents but they have each other – Kia did that for them. They are each other’s best friends and family. What I beautiful gift. I love her – my special friend, Mama Kia.


    • Thank you. I can feel it in your words how she touched your heart.

      Too many years have passed since Kia passed away, and I am always surprised by how many times I think of her. I can still hear her laugh, see the look of open positive acceptance she embraced life with, remember her words. Once, on my birthday, she wrote, when we were barely becoming friends, “I’m glad you were born.” I found her note later, after she had left. It touched me so much.

      I’m glad she had a friend in you. Please share what I’ve written with others. Perhaps link what I’ve written to your site.

      I send you all my best with all that you do.


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