Self Mutilation and Reincarnation

She would cut her arms until they bled, using a knife from the kitchen.

She didn’t trust religion. And yet her parents were ministers at a positive popular open-minded church.

She came to me to be hypnotized. She doubted she could be. She promised she would place every obstacle in front of me to stop me from taking her under. She brought a female friend to sit close by to help her to feel safe.

I appreciated the challenge. I normally took a long time to hypnotize a person, giving much attention to their feeling a sense of healing and well being as I did. With her I sought extra patience inside myself so that I might take much more time, before I sensed that she was truly under.

Her first memory was of when she was a little girl. Not in this life, but in a past one.

She lived in a village, and on this day she went wandering off. While deep in the woods she could hear a commotion. She saw smoke from where her village was located. She could hear screams. She wanted to run toward the noise, to see her mother and father. But a strange man dressed in strange clothes stopped her. Grabbed her. Took her away. She would never see her family, her friends, or her village again.

She was taken a great distance, to a much larger village, in a place and setting she’d never been to or heard of before. She was lowered down into the ground into an underground pit. A carved out room that had a hole in the ceiling through which she could catch a glimpse of the sky. A circle of blue sky during the day. A sky filled with stars seen through the hole above her at night.

Daily food was lowered down through this hole in the ceiling, on a tray, suspended by a rope. She was hungry. She would take the food and eat it. Sometimes she would awaken while in this hole and see an old woman sitting near her. Watching her. Most often she was all alone. The way she described this experience to me I sensed that while she was in this hole she was being drugged, perhaps administered through the food she was served.

One day this young girl was lifted up through the hole. She didn’t resist. Once outside the hole she could see pyramids nearby. There were a great many people. She was carried up the steps of a pyramid, where she was tied to stone, underneath a hot sun. A priest dressed in strange clothing stood nearby. He held a knife.

Slowly he began to carve her arms. She couldn’t resist. Partially because she was tied. Also because the drugs they had given her had smothered her resistance. Taken her strength.

This priest cut, and then cut again, her arms, until they bled. But he wasn’t finished. He used his knife to cut into her shoulder, her waist, her legs. Causing her to bleed and bleed and bleed. From a deep state of hypnosis she understood that not only had she been drugged, but the drugs were intentionally meant to keep her alive, slow down her body’s shock, keep her heart beating, as long as possible so that this priest could cut her repeatedly in order to draw out as much blood as he could. Her blood was dripping down the stone she was tied to. Her blood dripped down the steps she’d been carried over.

As a young girl, growing up in her village, she had her God. A God she believed in. A God her parents, everyone she had ever known, had prayed to. She began praying to her God. But her God didn’t respond. Instead, the priest, who obeyed another God, a violent terrible God, kept cutting her. And cutting her. And cutting her.

Why had her God forsaken her, she quietly cried as she bled. Why was such evil allowed to hurt her? Where was her God who was supposed to protect her.

Suddenly she looked up in the sky. A fierce looking serpent with colorful feathers flew down and took away her soul. Finally, she had died. Freed from the religious priest who had been cutting into her arms and body.

I often liked to follow a soul’s journey as they pass into death. This person was no exception. But where we went and what happened next was more than I ever expected. A time and place before our “earth” was ever formed, or humans ever lived. I learned of places and populations and interstellar habitat that predated our existence in the universe, and so much more.

Those recollections, however, I will save for another time…..

~ Mr Model ~



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2 thoughts on “Self Mutilation and Reincarnation

  1. I have been badly looking to go through my past life regression to fetch some deep stucked answers about my present life. Which country are you from? any suggestion if I can try it or practice travelling to my past soul jouney?


    • Thank you for your inquiry. I truly believe that our past plays a major influence on our present. This especially includes our “past lives”. And, I personally believe, that we have the right to explore them. I liken it to waking up from a nap at the age of twenty – and not remembering anything that happened before that day. Not knowing why you live where you live, who those people are in your home, or where did all those clothes come from that are in your closet. You wouldn’t accept that. You would want to know who you are, why the person you were “before” you turned twenty made all the many decisions that “they” did. Why you are the person you are, have the habits that you have. I encourage you to find out what your past is. There may be some challenging memories. But I feel sure there will also be many many warm memories. And remember – its all “you”. …and, if you have a “good story to tell” – which I am certain you will, please share it with me! I wish you all the best.

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