Past Life Obsession

She came to me to be hypnotized.

past life obsession  7

She had recently been in a relationship that she found very hard to break. The guy kept coming over to her beachfront apartment, demanding physical satisfaction. And she found it hard to resist him. She wanted to know why.

Slowly I took her under, until carefully, gently, she was remembering a ‘past life’.

In that earlier life she was a young girl, in her early teens. She lived in a village near some woods. Her parents loved her, she felt safe where she lived. She never went very far away.

past life obsession  4

Until one day when she decided to walk a little deeper into the woods, following a stream. There she saw a man, who saw her. This man walked over to her. She, a young innocent girl, felt uncomfortable seeing him approach.

past life obsession  5

This man she didn’t recognized, who was not from her village, forcibly pushed her down to the ground, and began ripping at her clothes. As she fell she felt the back of her head hit a rock beneath her. Hit the rock so hard it caused her head to bleed. She knew she was going to die. Suffering from a concussion, her head bleeding into the nearby stream, this man laying on top of her pressing her to the ground, this young girl in a past life could not move.

past life obsession  6

As this young girl lay dying she stared up into the face, into the eyes, of the man who was raping her. Until she was dead.

That man in that life would become the same man in this life who lived close to her. Together they lived near to each other in a lovely resort area on Florida’s west coast.

past life obsession  8

Living close to the man to whom she could never say no.

past life obsession  2



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11 thoughts on “Past Life Obsession

    • I wanted to edit that comment, but it would not let me. So let me reword that, I have heard a very similar encounter. I realized it was from an old show about the supernatural on an episode about past lives. The woman in it recalled while in regression being a young girl in Greek style clothing who was walking through the woods when a strange man attacked her and left her dead. Being as how it usually isn’t a safe idea for a young girl to wander around alone, I would not be surprised if this is a common past life trauma in some form or another.


      • It was exploring past lives that inspired my interest in hypnosis, but hypnotizing people lead me to learn so much more. One of the saddest was what happens to women, and girls, in this life, before I even began to let them recall past lives or other moments of a more “spiritual” interest to me. Greater than half of the women who came to see me revealed sexual molestation, and more, had happened to them in this life – from family, or extended family. It was a bit of a shock for me personally to learn this. Then, to find a repetitive experience or relationship with the same counter-soul reoccurring again and again in past lives. This one person’s past life / current life recollection that I’ve recalled here was not my only hearing of this type of experience, sadly.


      • As a “gift” to you, I’ve added another woman’s recollection that was also of a young girl during another time walking off into the woods: “Mutilation and Reincarnation”. Perhaps the moral here is, at least while living past lives as a young girl, to not go off walking into the woods all by yourself!

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  1. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much.

    I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.


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