Healing that is Truly Magical

The Philippines is a collection of islands that are filled with beautiful rich green hills and valleys, gorgeous beaches, wonderful waterfalls, and warm embracing people.

And the most amazing mystical form of healing I have ever personally experienced.

Some friends and I drove to a very small town deep inside the Philippines just to meet a man with these wondrous healing powers.

We checked into a small hotel. My bare-bones room was quite stark. As the evening fell I washed my shirt and a pair of shorts in a small sink, and fell deep asleep on a bed that was quite hard.

The next morning I awoke wanting some breakfast. Directly across the street was a huge marketplace filled with stalls containing food, clothing and so much more.


I needed a belt as I’d been losing some weight. Stopping at a vendor where several leather belts were displayed the young Philippina sales girl began flirting with me. “You’re very handsome, sir. You’re very handsome.” She repeated.


But her belts, even though I’d become quite skinny by western standards, were all too small. Observing how none of her belts would reach around my waist, she began saying, “You’re very fat, sir! You’re very fat!”

In the very center of this massive marketplace were angled wooden platforms covered with exposed raw red meat, none of it refrigerated. Elderly Philippina women stood barefoot, hunched over above all of this meat, shouting out to anyone passing by to purchase their beef. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

My friends and I drove to the small private home of the Healer we had come to see.

The structure was rustic, the yard filled with animals, including a large Brahma bull with beautiful eyes. Several folding chairs were arranged in a semi-circle outside surrounding a fire someone was just starting to ignite. A very large metal cauldron was placed on top of the fire into which a man poured coconut oil, until the metal cauldron was full.

The door to the house opened and an older man who looked very powerful stepped outside. I observed that he looked like a man of inner strength, with large powerful hands. Dressed all in white, he clearly was the Healer. His stature was straight and tall.

Walking over to the burning fire he opened a Bible. Holding the open Bible above the flames this Healer closed his eyes and seemed to slip into a trance.


His hand began “brushing” something from inside the Bible into the flames. I saw nothing. Was it pixie dust? But it did look like the flames grew just a little bit as he did this. The Healer then opened his eyes and motioned for one of us in my group to walk over to him. A chair had been placed in front of the Healer, where one of my friends walked over and seated himself.

The Healer asked no questions. He never spoke at all. The oil in the large cauldron was boiling heavily. This Healer then dipped his bare hand deep into the now rapidly boiling oil. I was shocked. But I noted no expression of pain or hurt on this Healer’s face. His hand was deeply immersed in what was clearly a large cauldron of rapidly bubbling boiling oil. And yet when he removed his hand there was no redness. His hand was not blistered or swollen.

The Healer then placed his oil soaked hand directly over that part of the body where my friend was suffering, and prayed. How did he know where to touch? When he removed his hand my friend rose and returned to sit with the rest of us in the semi circle of chairs. Another one of my friends was motioned to come sit in the chair near the Healer. Where I watched, once again, this Healer dip his bare hand deep into the boiling oil. Again showing no signs of any pain or physical burning. The Healer then removed his hand from the oil and touched this friend on a different part of his body, exactly where he was suffering. How did he know? Over and over again this Healer dipped his hand deep into boiling oil and then directly touched that spot on one of my friends where they needed the most healing. Never a word was spoken by anyone.

I was not ill, so I just watched. Those who had just experienced this Healer’s touch shared with me later that, even though the Healer had just dipped his hand deep into hot boiling oil, when he touched their bodies his hand was surprisingly cool.


Afterward this Healer and his family served all of us a large meal outside their home. Though they were obviously very poor, this Healer and his family were very generous. The perfect host.

I had first been introduced to Philippine healing when I was personally suffering from a significant “mass” that was lodged deep inside my throat. I’d been feeling the presence of this mass for months. It would make me cough. When I would take a shower I would cough up blood. It was very scary. But I was even more afraid of going to the doctor, worried about what I might be told.

I learned that the most famous healer from the Philippines would be visiting a church a few hours from my home. A few friends piled into my car and we drove across the state to see him. The church was set in amongst some tall pines. It was very pretty. I stepped inside and was introduced to Reverend Alex Orbito. One of the most courteous, kindest, most generous, most spiritual men I’ve ever had the grace to meet. After I laid down in a private area on a massage table, Alex quickly dipped his bare hand deep inside my throat. I could actually feel his fingers deep inside my throat, grabbing hold of this mass that I had felt lodged inside my throat for months. I could feel his fingers tug at this mass, until it gave way. Alex removed his hand from inside my throat, taking that mass with him. I then heard a “plop” as Alex dropped that mass in a Tupperware container his wife was holding for him.

I grew very close to Alex and his wife over the next few years during each of their visits to the United States. With this trip to the Philippines I wished to meet more of Alex’s family. After my visit early on to the home of this Healer I dropped in on Alex’s older brother, Marcos. A man I had heard knew the entire Bible by memory – in several languages. Marcos and his entire family warmly invited me to stay with them, which I did, for several weeks. I can never thank them enough for their hospitality.

Hans in White Dove Wings copy 2

Marcos, as well, used his hands, similar to his brother Alex, to reach inside of my body in order to draw out any impurities. Not that I was ill. I wasn’t. It was more what one might call a kind of “tune up”. A cleansing that would probably do all of us some good every once in awhile.

Psychic Surgery 2  500Psychic Surgery 3  500Psychic Surgery 4  500Psychic Surgery 5  500Psychic Surgery 6  500

“It tickles!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How do these healers have these powers? Why the Philippines?

When ancient Atlantis was supposed to have been there is reported to have existed another continent, called Lemuria. Considered to have been populated with people who were more spiritual, more gifted, than those that inhabited the Continent of Atlantis. It was Atlantis which purportedly through technological greed and blind sided ego sunk itself into the oceans, causing mountains to abruptly rise elsewhere around the world, such as in the Andes, approximately 10,000 years ago. The catastrophe shook up the entire world, taking Lemuria down with it.

The islands that make up the Philippines are thought to be the tops of the mountains that once made up Lemuria. The people of the Philippines, especially the healers with this incredibly unique spiritual ability, are considered the descendants of this spiritually advanced race.

During one of my trips to Peru I purchased a petrified sea urchin from a man selling odds and ends on a blanket in Miraflores in downtown Lima. He informed me that he found his petrified object that originated from the ocean several thousand feet high up in the Andes on his private farm land. How did an ancient ocean object wind up thousands of feet high on a farm in some mountains this Peruvian man would discover 10,000 years later? ~ Those darned Atlanteans “for supuesto, tiene la culpa“!



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