Sitting in the Middle of a Tornado

To balance the stress of all my overwhelming college homework I would practice meditation and prayer.

WIND  30  800

Quite often the more stress-filled my coursework the more focused would become my inner moments.

WIND  9  800

Unless I was just so exhausted I would awaken later, still sitting up – sort of.

WIND  10  800

Having received the restful, but guilt ridden, benefits of “sleep-itation”.

There was this one afternoon while meditating when I began to hear the sound of a strong blowing wind. Outside the windows of my student apartment the day was sunny and clear. But inside, inside “me”, I could clearly hear the sound of a strong wind.

I focused on this sound. It seemed distant at first. But its unusualness had me concentrate on it. And the more I did so the louder the sound of this wind became. Until, fairly soon, it became so loud I felt like I was sitting in the middle of a powerful tornado that was circling its winds all around me.

WIND  40  800

I found this experience intriguing. Almost exhilarating – in a calming way. And would purposely look for it in many of my future meditations.

The sounds of winds that would encircle me. As strong and as loud as if a powerful tornado was surrounding me.

WIND  6  800

I did some research and learned the reason why the words “amen” or “aum” or “amin” are spoken or chanted during religious prayers.

It is an attempt to physically harmonize with the sound of God, or spirit. Often described in religious texts as the sound of blowing winds.

I still hear this sound. I try to not let it become so overwhelming. But even when I am walking, or sitting with others, while listening to a lecture, or even watching TV – I hear it all around me.

WIND  80  800

It’s kind of calming, reassuring, always feeling it so close by.



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