Autobiography of a Yogi

When I turned twenty years old I fell into a depression. I believe I was suffering, a bit prematurely, my mid-life crisis.

The day after my birthday a good friend and I walked over to a nearby music store where we intended to waste many minutes of our time browsing through the latest releases.

As I entered the front door there was a book rack. The music store had placed a hand written sign just above a paperback that read, “We at Roc Records highly recommend this book”

I looked underneath the sign, and gazed upon a paperback that featured a man’s face with long hair.

The very next moment a brilliant white light shot out from around this image that quickly filled the room. All I could see was the image of this face on this book cover, and white light everywhere else.

I also noticed that the loud music that had been playing in the store was gone. As well as the loud sounds of the heavy traffic that were right outside the front door. Everything everywhere was quiet.

During this unique wondrous moment that seemed to defy the universe and time there was this photo image of a long haired male that seemed to be staring into my soul with the most loving look imaginable. Everywhere else where there once was a room there was only beautiful white light, and pure silence.

A timeless moment later, and the white light receded. The soft glowing loving face became just a book cover once again. And the loud music playing in the store and the noises from the heavy traffic outside returned, all at full blast.

And my life changed – forever.

Yogananda 2  500



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