When Dreams Come True

Is time an unwoven tapestry? A blank page yet to be written upon?

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Or is time a room decorated with furnishings we merely walk through from one door to the other with the design of the room’s interior already laid out.

We’ve each had those moments when we know what is about to happen next. Or what someone is about to say. But what of those moments when we sleep and have dreams which later come true?

If we dream a dream at night, and remember our dream the next morning, perhaps even write it down in a “dream journal”, and then weeks, or maybe even months later we find ourselves in our dream as it is coming true ~ what does this mean?

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If we dream the future, is time even real? Or a concept ~ something we’ve created to assuage our egos so that we believe, because we want to believe, that we have some control over our destinies. Self-determination. Free choice.

After my young wife passed away, and our friends had left me when they had nothing left to say, I was very much alone. I would sleep in my great big bed all alone.

One night I had a dream.

In my dream I had entered a store. After walking through aisles and past shelves filled with items I discovered a cafe at the rear of the store.

I sat down at the counter. An attractive female with long blonde hair, presumably working there, smiled at me, and said, “I’m Princess A-ha-ha-ha!”

And I woke up. And then I sat up, in my bed, in the darkness of my room, in the middle of the night. I had a strange sense about this dream. Like it meant more than a dream.

A week or so later, deep asleep, I found myself in a dream entering someone’s living room. A room I’d never before been in.

vision 20

The room was comfortable, with relaxed furnishings. I felt like others were there, somewhere, just out of view. But as I entered further, there, seated on a couch, was this same female with the long blonde hair. I recognized her instantly as the girl from before, even in my dream. She was smiling as she looked up at me, right into my eyes. So happy to see me.

I woke up. And sat up in my bed, in the dark, in my bedroom. And I knew, I just knew, that I would meet this girl some day, some way.

Months would pass. I thought of various “blonde” girls I’d known. None matched her description, or what the image of her in my dreams meant to me. After some time went by I let these two dreams fade into memories.

I needed to drive to Texas. Passing through the Florida Panhandle I stopped in at a small health food store that had a cafe in the back, hoping for a healthy lunch.

I felt surprisingly comfortable with the crowd dining there. My waitress, a nice female with red hair, asked me if I knew what I wanted. I placed my order. It was then when an attractive blonde entered the cafe from the rear and began speaking with the red head. I could not take my eyes off of this blonde, and I did not understand why.

The red head noticed me noticing the blonde. After the blonde had left the red head engaged me in further conversation. And decided, even though I was a complete stranger, to invite me to her home to have dinner with her family that evening. Sharing, as a meaningful aside, that her friend, the blonde, would also be there.

I really needed to continue driving. But for some reason I accepted her dinner invitation. And spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on a nearby beach watching dolphins play.

As evening approached I followed the directions the red head had given me to find her home. It was a small relaxed home. Just in time for dinner I was warmly greeted by everyone. Even though I was a total stranger all of us felt very comfortable with each other.

The only available seat at the dining table was next to the blonde I’d met only briefly earlier that day. I found, as we all shared a warm conversation around the dinner table, that I “felt” something, some familiarity, being seated immediately next to this blonde.

Dinner was over. The red head encouraged the blonde and myself to continue our conversation in her living room. There the blonde sat on a couch. And I sat next to her. The room was comfortable, with relaxed furnishings.

vision 20

It’s moments like these when I am very aware just how dumb I can be. Even up to this point I had no clue that in just this one day I had stepped into and become part of the two dreams I’d dreamed only a few months before. Dreams that had been so powerful then that both had completely awakened me from my sleep.

The blonde and I were having a wonderful conversation. I loved her smile. It was then when she said something, a kind of key word, that ‘awoke’ me. And made me realize that I was in a dream. A dream I’d dreamt before. Only now it wasn’t a dream. I was really here, with the person I’d dreamed of, in the two settings I’d seen her in, in my two dreams.

vision 000

I stopped our conversation and very excitedly began sharing with her the memories of my two dreams. Which caused her to stand up, expressing a bit of shock and disbelief. She asked me, “What was the name I gave you in your dream?”

I was embarrassed to say. It sounded so dumb to my literal mind at that moment. But I answered, “Princess A-ha-ha-ha.”

This caused my blond companion to turn pale. “Those two initials, “P” and “A”, are the initials of my name.”

And then I became silent. I just didn’t know what to say.

vision 7

And I still don’t. How can a moment like this be explained? How can two separate dreams, dreamed days apart, predict two events that both happen on the same day, months into the future? Even predict, with real humor, the name of the person who would be the key central figure of my two combined dreams, as well as the reason for my later being in these two settings?

How can time be leaped over, and the future clearly seen, if the future is still undetermined? If the future is not yet lived?

vision 3

As I’ve often asked ~

How can we dream of places we’ve never been? Or of people we’ve never seen?

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