A Forever Love

No matter how old your soul might be, there is an initial moment, our very first moment, when we are born. Not from a woman’s womb, but from spirit. Pure spirit itself.

S G 2

Immediately after our very first birth we look out upon all of the stars, an endless vision of eternity, and see our future. It is then when we step into the womb of a woman, on some planet somewhere, and start the cycle of birth and re-birth.

S G 13

By becoming a brand new unique soul we have separated ourselves from the source. By stepping into everything we have separated ourselves from “everything”. From love itself. And this is something we will search for forever. Until we consciously become “one” with the father, our God. Love.

S G 3

Very early on we are fortunate to have someone who is our equal, and our opposite. Our “soulmate”. The one who is our dash to our dot. Our one to our zero. Our positive to our (many) negatives. The one who travels with us, close to us, from the very beginning. There will be lives in which our soulmate will find us, and we them. And a deep love will be shared which will mean everything to us and will truly help us get through those lives. We will, in those lives, feel faith in someone else. Support from them. Find faith in ourselves. But not in every life. Some lives we will travel alone. Fighting fights, resolving issues with others. Learning, growing, becoming “more”. But alone.

In-between each and every one of these lives ~ when we “die” ~ we re-unite with our soulmate, as well as several others who have become close to us during our many lives. Friends who travel with us as a band of brothers and sisters over life times. It is during these in-between moments when we are in our true home. No matter how much we become attached, or addicted, to our lives down here, or on some other planet, either because our lives are so wonderful, or so brutal, we can never stay. At some point during our physical lives our bodies will die. We leave behind the homes we have bought, the cars we own, our bank accounts, our jobs, our hobbies, our loved ones, our pets, even those we hate. Our souls break free from our physical forms and we depart. And like so many times in the past we re-enter the in-between. We come “home”. To rest, to really live, and eventually prepare for our next physically entrapped life, somewhere.

But there is one who is with us always. Someone who tries, for some reason, to remain hidden, a secret, while we reside on some planet.

S G 11

And this is where I am truly in awe. There is with us someone who has been with us from our very first breath. From that very first moment we looked out upon the universe and saw our destiny. This someone never leaves us. Has never left us. Has always looked after us, cared for us, tended to our deepest needs. And loves us unconditionally.

S G 10

Our “Spirit Guide”.

Sometimes we are aware of them. Sometimes we might even know their name, their presence. Other lives they might be more “invisible”. During some lucky lifetimes we might even share a life with them, should they permit an aspect of themselves to take corporal form and be born from within a woman’s womb, as well.

S G 12

Those are lucky lives. It doesn’t mean those lives are problem free. Perhaps those lives might be the most problem-filled lives of all. Which is why we might desire and require the physical presence of our Spirit Guide more than ever. To hold our hand, to place their loving arm around us, as they help us through some truly challenging times.

S G 5

It amazes me when I consider how a love can be so pure, and so lasting.

As I look back at some of my past lives I can remember several things I could have done better, should have thought through very differently. Life times when I should have been more focused, more attentive. And yet, despite my many, many faults, that love, that presence from my invisible loving protective being, that eternal loving essence, was always with me.

I might hear a silent message in my ear, warning me to do something. To go here, join some people, or walk away. And if I was lucky, and smart, I listened. And lived another day. When there might be those who did not heed their own inner advice. And, within minutes, be in a car crash, where a bomb explodes, or where a fight breaks out. Where some large, or even a tiny but potentially horrific disaster occurs. Perhaps it was the “karma” of those who seemingly did not listen to then experience what happened next to them, even if it was awful, and mine not to. But I am glad, when I did listen, that I did.

S G 1

There are those moments when there are gifts that are given to us. Gifts that are so amazing, so unexpected, they can only seem to come from God. Something wonderful that we’ve won, a great job, a new friend in our life who really helps us out. Some gifts come to us when they are sorely dearly needed. One can never be thankful enough for those. And even then, to be more thankful still might be appropriate. Gratitude to the one who loves you, gives to you, cares for you is never out of line. No matter how “hidden” they might try to remain behind the gifts they have given you.

Especially when that one who loves you has seen you at your worst. Seen you making the worst decisions possible. Making the biggest mistakes imaginable. And not just during one life time, but over many. Hurting others, as well as yourself. Becoming lost. And yet, even at your worst, they stick with you. They stay with you. They are with you now.

S G 4

Our “Spirit Guide”.

That invisible, loving, wonderful presence that has loved you since forever. Loves you now. And will love you, forever. Until, one day, when you become “one”.

S G 9



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