My First Date With My Soulmate

I’d won two tickets to an evening lecture. A world famous spiritual metaphysical physician on tour visiting my area. The tickets were meant for me. The way the contest worked out, based on the design of the universe, only I made the winning call. Clearly it was to be a special moment somehow meant for me. Who should I invite?

My mind raced through, literally, everyone I’d ever known. There was only one person who kept coming back to me, who’s face kept re-appearing in my inner thoughts. But was she available? Wouldn’t she be taken, moved away, married by now? I really thought I’d lost my chance with her, due to my own stupid distractions in life.

Returning home I found an email in my inbox. From her. I hadn’t heard from her for months. How strange.

I replied. As did she. I mentioned that I’d just won two tickets, would she care to go. She wrote, “Yes”.

The afternoon of the event I telephoned her, making certain everything was ok. I could sense she was nervous. She began asking me questions. Deeply personal questions. It was as if she wanted to know my very soul.

When I drove to her house, following the directions she gave me, it was strange, but I felt like I’d already been there before. As if my car knew the way.

She answered the door. She looked beautiful. I was proud to have her as my date this evening.

As I drove away from her home she began asking me questions. She asked me, for one, my age. “Never mind.” she said. “I can tell by looking at your hand.” And with that she held my finger in an odd position and I could see it as well. My exact age, in numbers, clearly defined by the wrinkles formed from her bending my index finger. I’d never seen anything like that, ever. I knew that there was no point in my ever trying to keep things from her, because somehow she would always “magically” be able to tell the truth.

As our conversation continued I felt more and more like I knew her from before. Like we had done this “before”. The more we spoke, the more familiar and comfortable everything felt being with her. By the time we reached where the lecture was being held, and I had parked my car in the parking garage, I was literally “flying” I felt so high. Feeling so much hope. A sense of real security – in my heart.

I took my wallet from the glove box and handed it to her, asking if she could carry it for me. And that shocked me. Why did I do that? But I had this certainty that I could trust her with anything.

As we walked toward the main entrance we needed to descend stairs, cross a bridge. And I could see in my memories little moments we had shared in distant past lives that began appearing before my inner vision. We were, this evening, before the evening even really started, already holding hands. I could see us, in times past, holding hands in prior times. Smiling at each other then, as we were now. Feeling deeply in love perhaps thousands of years ago. And I thought, if that was how we felt about each other then, imagine how strongly our love can grow as we share this new life together.

And together, holding the tickets I’d won, we entered the lecture hall. Me and my soulmate. 

Swan Princess kiss

Who would soon become my beautiful wife.

Our Wedding Photo



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