Entertaining A Few Unexpected Guests

The age of the Universe is thought to be 13.799 ± 0.021 billion years.


This was discerned by the age of the eldest stars discovered (so far) within it. The Universe cannot be younger than what it is composed of. It might even be older.


Our “Earth” – our home, what we’ve believed to be the center of the universe ~ the only planet where life exists, what we “earthlings” consider to be the singular fixed focus of God’s attention – is 4.543 billion in years.


Before our Earth was formed, the rest of the Universe lived, happily, for 9.256 billion years. More or less. About double the age of our Earth.  Our planet is about 1/3 the age of the Universe around it.

If some civilization had evolved on some distant planet containing an atmosphere somewhat comparable to ours, a mere 2 to 3 billion years before our tiny Earth floating around in the outskirts of nowhere ever formed, and a “Steve Jobs” type genius happened to have lived there, the iMac / iPad / iPhone technology this other earlier “alien” smarty pants could have created would be a bit more advanced than what we enjoy drooling over at our local Apple store today. By a couple of billion.


Able to handle more than drones, order coffee, play music, turn on home alarm systems, and control capsules that can fly into space. Their “computer” created on that planet at that time by their genius could, conceivably, by now, have developed ways, even a fleet of ships, that can traverse the universe, transcend space, alter dimension, and perhaps even time, and maybe even create life itself.


So many of our spiritual texts, upon which we have built our religions, have references to “others”. Others who from above have interacted with us humans, all the way back to our very beginning. From the King James Bible, Genesis 6.2: “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose.”


Over a period of a few years I devoted my evenings to hypnotizing anyone who wished to explore their hidden selves. I did this for the shared betterment of everyone who participated. I did this never charging a penny to anyone.

Because I had no expectations, no preconceptions, was not working ‘by the clock’, and was pretty open to anything, wondrous moments took place, of great learning, perception, and incredible communication.

I was very surprised by just who showed up during my midnight sessions.


Not necessarily of the spiritual realm but living instead inside the same physical universe we do. Possessing vehicles to race around in that are a bit more sophisticated than a dreamy Lamborghini Huracán.

And they had a lot to say.


Including, what they and their ancestors were doing when humans were first formed on our tiny planet Earth. And why.


We are not only ‘not’ alone, we have never been alone.



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