Finding Our Lost Loved Ones

An exceptional female psychic shared that I would soon be speaking with “spirits without bodies”.

1 Loved Ones

Preposterous, was my reaction. How can anyone “speak” to someone who does not have a body? Who hasn’t any mouth?

Over the following months I attended several lectures, both large and intimate, with Raymond A Moody Jr, author of “Life After Life”, and, Brian L Weiss, author of “Many Lives, Many Masters” ~ who actually hypnotized me, offering me a truly heavenly experience.

2 Loved Ones

For the next six months I focused exclusively on learning hypnosis, learning everything I could about it. My wish was to explore,

“Have we lived before?”

“Where do we go after we die?”

“Does love continue?”

3 Loved Ones

Aren’t these truly the most important questions one can ask?

4 Loved Ones

I decided that If I were to hypnotize anyone I would never charge anybody any money. Instead, I believed, fully, that spiritual work should be offered freely. I took very seriously the Bible. Jesus threw out the money merchants from the temple. He affirmed more than once that God and money do not mix. My time spent with people exploring their more “spiritual” nature would be free.

5 Loved Ones

And people came to see me. They came to my home by the car loads.

I preferred to do my hypnosis with everyone at night. I just felt that “the energies” were gentler after the sun had set. The world seemed quieter then. People who arrived would sit together, with me, on my soft clean carpeted living room floor. Resting comfortably against pillows we would chat, joke, share stories and ponder things. All while I sipped some peach tea. With lots of honey to soothe and prepare my voice for the many hours of speaking that lay ahead for me that evening.

6 Loved Ones

Then, as the atmosphere grew very calm after their car ride to my home, some from a great distance, and I felt, as well, they had become more trusting of me, I would turn to the one that I felt was the most ready to start, asking them to accompany me to a back bedroom. Inside this quietly inspired room the person would relax into a reclining soft leather chair. I would light a candle, sip my tea. And then slowly, very slowly, take them deeply under.

7 Loved Ones

Since no one was paying me by the hour I had no time constraints. I wasn’t working by the clock. There were times when my guiding someone under into a very relaxed and deep hypnotic place would take a very long time. Some who came to see me had real personal issues that they were dealing with. Interspersed with my words of calm would be soft positive suggestions of healing while bathing them with a divine light. I believed that the person visiting me should leave my home feeling, and perhaps even being, a little extra healthy.

8 Loved Ones

There would be this moment when I would perceive that the person who was with me in my quiet little room, with their eyes closed and their breath very calm, was completely “under”.

9 Loved Ones

I cannot deny that at these moments I would feel a little inner excitement. Wonderment at the possibilities of what might lay ahead as the night progressed. What adventures would the person I placed under be exploring, that I would by my being there also be sharing. Where would our travels together take us.

10 Loved Ones

I heard of others who hypnotized, but those who hired them were disappointed. They felt that they were being lead or guided by the person hypnotizing to what the hypnotizer wanted. Not free to find themselves. To find their own history. Their own reason for life. That was not my approach. I let the evening “flow”. My fascination was to assist the person in front of me to find themselves, to learn more about themselves. As well my learning a little something larger or grander during the night than I may have known only a few hours earlier that day. Not to force anyone to believe what I wanted them to believe.

Quietly, gently, I would ask the person who was deeply hypnotized to enter into one of their past lives. And they would.

11 Loved Ones

And for the next several hours amazing journeys would begin. Memories of moments that were otherwise lost in the past were described to me in vivid detail as they were actually happening to the person in their own real time. From large worldly experiences to exceptionally small details, which often were the most intriguing. I could listen for hours, and often did. My evenings creating an environment that allowed this to happen would often last until dawn. Until I heard birds chirping and singing outside my window in the early morning light.

12 Loved Ones

I believe it was when, during one evening, I was told that there were spirits in the room who wished to speak with me that I realized how accurate and perceptive that psychic had been. I began speaking through those who were hypnotized with their loved ones. With their spirit guides and the angelic beings who truly cared for them.

13 Loved Ones

I began speaking with spirits without physical bodies. And they, I would learn, had a lot to say. But it was the warm soft feelings of peace that those who were under would feel when they communicated with those they had lost, lost through “death”, that was so gratifying. They, on the other side, are all fine. They see us, and share with us, and look after us all the time. It is “us” who are living here on earth that have limited perception and communication. We need to hear from “them”.

14 Loved Ones

Spirits without bodies. Loved ones who have died. Spirit Guides who care for us, who are there for us, with us, always. Every one of them very happy, I would learn each night, to finally be able to have an open and positive two-way conversation!

During the days I would drive to a nearby beach and wade through the clear blue beautiful waters and bask in the warm sun. Or, alone in my home, I would play some music and just dance, to let my emotions be free. I did this because some nights it almost seemed like a party was taking place there were so many in my home. Both with bodies, and without. Conversations were often quite lively. One day I laughingly reflected how I never had so many friends ~ even though most of my new friends were “dead”.

15 Loved Ones



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